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The estimation of near surface temperature (Ta) is useful for a wide range of applications such as agriculture, climate related diseases, and climate change studies. However, the derivation of near surface air temperature (typically measured at 2m), from the land surface temperature (Ts) derived from satellite is far from straightforward. Comparisons between night MODIS Ts data with minimum Ta showed that MODIS nighttime products provide a good estimation of minimum Ta over different ecosystems in Africa. On the contrary, comparisons between day MODIS Ts data with maximum Ta showed that the difference between Ts and Ta strongly varies according to the seasonality, the ecosystems, the solar radiation, and cloud cover requiring further research on robust methods to retrieve maximum Ta (Vancutsem et al., 2010).

Land Surface Temperature from MODIS (Aqua and Terra)

The data consist of 8-day composite land surface temperature maps of continental Africa (derived from the MODIS sensor on-board Aqua satellite) and maps of South America (derived from the MODIS sensor on-board Terra satellite). The spatial resolution is 1km and maps are available for daytime and nighttime images.

From the IRI Data Library: Aqua and Terra

Spatial resolution: 1 km
Temporal resolution: 8 day