My Research Module:

Identify the Problem

You need to identify a problem that could be resolved by using climate and environmental factors. Some examples of projects include:

  • Land use trajectories in a rapidly changing tropical watershed
  • Heat island effect in New York State
  • Influence of seasonal flooding and precipitation on groundwater quality and diarrheal disease in rural Bangladesh
  • Analyzing over-ground water resources using the IRI Data Library
  • Fire & vegetation in Peruvian Amazon
  • Changes in agricultural cropping patterns with climate variability
  • Perceptions of the Monsoon: Does onset date affect farmers’ decisions?
  • Comparison of seasonal forecast based on TRMM and monthly gauge rainfall data in the northeastern part of Thailand.
  • Towards early warning systems for drought in the Caribbean: Analysing data from Trinidad and Tobago
  • Prediction of stem rust germination favorability for wheat
  • Detecting environmental change using remote sensing
  • Evaluating the 2010-2011 soy crop year and potential for crop prediction modeling in Uruguay
  • Distribution models of a group of North American birds based on remote sensing and weather station data
  • Study the capacity of presence-only models to predict species abundance, using data from the North Slope of Alaska