Fire Module:
Early Warning and Response to Peatland Fires in Central Kalimantan


Rainfall Estimates

Rainfall data from stations in Kalimantan are limited and do not provide complete data for all the years. Thus rainfall estimates from two satellite rainfall estimate products were used to create a rainfall database. Rainfall estimates were collected and consolidated from 2 sources:

  1. NOAA-Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Merged Analysis (CMAP) available from the entire period corresponding to the fire dataset but at low spatial resolution (2.5 deg)

  2. NOAA-CPC Morphing Technique (CMORPH) at higher spatial resolution (0.25 deg) only available since 2003.

Due to their low spatial resolution, CMAP data were used to analyze the relationship between fire and rainfall only at the provincial level. CMORPH data, with a higher spatial resolution, can be used for more localized studies (at the district level for example).

Rainfall Anomalies

The rainfall anomalies for each month are calculated by subtracting the monthly average value of rainfall from the month’s rainfall estimate across the period of the dataset.